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Gaydon Leavitt

Gaydon “G” Leavitt

Chief Executive Office
Chairman Of The Board

Gaydon Leavitt (G as we call him), a growth scientist, has helped over 2,000 small businesses with their strategy and execution in over 200 industries / markets.

G’s journey started as a young business owner in a low margin business where he felt stuck because he didn’t have the margins or the resources to achieve his profitability goals.

G went on a journey where he started to optimize resources and ultimately had an automation epiphany where he realized that there were manual processes in his business that he could automate. G went on to create businesses which require very little of G’s help long term. He now focuses his time on creating new businesses and looking for new opportunities to create innovation.

As the creator of intellectual property too numerous to name, G combines the most cutting-edge technology and timeless business strategies that have worked for hundreds of years to create profit for everyone in his path.

Paul Hatch

Paul Hatch

Chief Relationship Office

Throughout Paul’s career, he has established meaningful business relationships that generate win-win benefits and catalyze organizational growth.

He believes every sale or partnership is based on relationships and trust. He understands how to build the relationships that lead to ongoing revenue and partnership.

Paul took over leadership of the family printing business and grew revenue by over 300% in 10 years. While their market niche changed dramatically, he expanded their services and strategically acquired new businesses. He did this all while fostering relationships with their clients that went beyond price and performance.

He then launched the first-ever franchise for Corporate Alliance (now Allies), a member- ship-based business development organization. With no marketing structure in place, Paul devised sponsorship structures, marketing plans, and networking strategies. After starting with just 30 members 5 years ago, they now have 300 unique accounts,500 members, and half a million in annual revenue.

John Anderson

John Anderson

Chief Financial Office

John Anderson is a successful business operator who has owned and managed financial aspects of multiple businesses over the past 35 years. His education includes B.S. in Healthcare Administration from the U.S. and degrees in accounting, financial management, corporate management, and securities analyst from Australia

John started his career at Price Waterhouse and as a Senior Level Financial Manager, has experienced many challenging positions within a diverse number of organizations both in the U.S. and Australia.

John has often worked as a CFO, bringing his extensive experience to establish account- ing and reporting systems for managers and owners in a simple format for the non-accountants to read. He has been involved in the accounting process in many industries including managing bank workouts and liquidations, developing a wider range of experience than most accounting personnels have.

Justine Beard

Justine Beard

Chief Of Staff
Direstor Of Operations

Justine has been employed in operations and finance positions for over 14 years and has taken on many different roles in her career on the operations side. With intense book-keeping experience and financial control background, Justine has been trusted to handle any and all financial information at the companies she has served.

Justine is currently the Chief of Staff and Director of Operations at Toolbox OS, and as such, her tasks are not limited to just a few things. She handles hiring, teamwork, and team building exercises that influence and further push the Toolbox OS culture. She leads the training of all non-technical staff. She manages all relationships with remote workers and contractors. She oversees legal agreements, billing, and other revenue based matters.

With extensive experience in marketing operations, Justine knows CRMs inside and out. She has managed marketing projects for over 5 years and has worked for clients in over 100 niches.

Justine’s skills and expertise are valuable assets to both her clients and employees. Her ability to understand people and technology has allowed her to successfully navigate and thrive in a company that specializes in both.

Ben Nelson

Ben Nelson

General Counsel

As general legal counsel, Ben has enjoyed a career servicing a variety of industries, including software, technology, construction, real estate, medical services, and financial services.

Ben has dealt with all sorts of legal matters including business entity organization and governance matters; debt and equity financing transactions; real estate purchase and development transactions; commercial lease agreements; employment and HR matters; stock and asset purchase transactions; risk management, dispute resolution, general contract negotiation and drafting; securities disclosures and trademark applications.

Ben’s attentiveness and timely service has been a hallmark of the value he delivers to those he serves. As general counsel for Toolbox OS Inc., Ben delivers and manages all forms of legal matters pertinent to the day-to-day operations of the company.

Ben received his JD from George Mason University School of Law with an emphasis in corporate and securities law in 2012.

Don Pierce

Don Pierce

Brand Ambassador

Don is most known for his service as CEO & President at Arby’s, COO at KFC International, and President & COO at Denny’s. Nowadays, Don serves on the board of an east-coast based private equity management company.

As a consultant to turn-around and startup organizations, Don has taken the lead in bringing small companies public motivation senior executive, and creating global success. His responsibilities have included mergers and acquisitions, repositioning small niche customers into national chains, and serving on the board of a NASDAQ company.

Don has grown small startups into master Limited Partnerships on the NYSE, and brings a strong background in developing global businesses, working with joint venture partners, and talking companies public on the US and Nikkei Exchanges.

Don jointly lead a successful sale of a $250M high yield bond issue, has extensive experience with investment banking firms and shareholders, and has been president of two different $2B businesses that were struggling with no clear growth strategy.

Don’s greatest asset is his ability to strategically operationalize an idea from the ground up through an aggressive growth plan.