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The Role of Social Media in Business

Jul 1, 2019

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Social media started as a fad that has become a huge part of our culture. Slang terms that didn’t exist ten years ago are now a part of our everyday vocabulary. Some of the wealthiest companies are social media platforms, and their ability to influence consumers is unprecedented. Many businesses jumped on the chance to have a social media page, and use it as another way to advertise and connect with their customers. But how important is it to have a social media presence? And what are some things that make your social media platform stand out? Here is some advice about the importance of understanding and maintaining your online profile.

The Benefit
Social Media has the added benefit of being interactive. Brands are allowed to interact with customers and react in real time to concerns and comments. They also can build a following based on their social media presence. Many people like to follow brands that they like because they can instantly know if things go on sale or if there are new deals. People also feel like social media platforms humanize brands, and that the way brands present themselves online are indicative of the brands values and it can make people feel more loyal to them.

The better your online content is, the more sales you will make. Algorithms exist to boost social media platforms that are active, and even some people have entire careers built in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are over 7 billion people on the planet and 3 billion people are on social media. Buy boosting your posts, you can reach even more people than before, establish yourself as a popular, viral brand.

Tips and Tricks
One thing that corporations need to realize is that running and creating content for social media is very different than running add on TV. Each social media platform has its own culture, so there are things that need to be understood before you can just start posting. Anyone can post to social media, but not everyone can be successful. One of the most successful Twitter brands is Wendy’s, because they have an entire team that works to create the funny, viral responses that the Wendy’s twitter is famous for. But other companies have gotten into a lot of trouble for posting things without context, especially when trying to say funny things that can be taken the complete wrong way. In fact there are entire blogs that make fun of companies that try and run social media accounts just trying to appeal to teenagers. The best way to run a social media account is to hire someone with experience running a social media account. They will be able to produce the results that you need without the hassle of trying to jump into social media headfirst.

Social media is a great way to reach a larger fan base and to generate a positive image for your brand. It is an easy way to advertise and to interact with customers. But there are a lot of mistakes that companies make when using social media, especially if they try and post things that they don’t know the full meaning of. Social Media culture is especially strong among Millennials and Gen Z, so it can sometimes be immediately obvious when a company is just trying to pander to the younger generation to sell products and it can backfire significantly. By strengthening your social media presence today, you will be able to create more buzz around your business.

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