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Not to be overlooked. Critical to be understood.

Market research is the first step in marketing. Any text book will tell you that. However, market research is also the first step in the campaigns that we engineer to take your business to the next level and is a critical piece to our marketing managed™ platform. This research helps our team tremendously in creating strategy, plans, media and metrics for your business on an ongoing basis for our marketing teams. It helps ensure that what we do will be getting you in front of your target audience that has the potential to do business with you.

Outsource your marketing and focus on your business.

With a typical campaign, we will conduct a series of research phases and corresponding reports which include:
  • Market Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis

Example Reports

    • Market Analysis

      Market analysis is a detailed analysis on the opportunities that lie in the market or niche you are in. Internet trends, graphs, charts and other data are analyzed to find out how much opportunity lies in your market and with the target that you have chosen.
market analysis
    • Keyword Research

      A keyword research proposal is key to any inbound marketing campaign and is the first step in determining strategy, opportunity and even budget. This report reveals what opportunities lie with Google (the king of internet search traffic) and other search engines and social platforms.
keyword research
    • Competitive Analysis

      This report shows the competitors in a chosen market and how they stack up to each other and to your business. We find out who is currently winning the game in your market and why. We use the information to help create a strategy for moving your business in front of the others.
competitive analysis

How Much?

Initial research is done as part of the proposal and quote that we provide you free of charge. Cost for research is embedded in the setup cost for SEO/Social/Marketing campaigns. The initial research helps our team in knowing how we can help you. Once the full research is complete, it is used for creating strategy, plans, media and metrics as discussed.

Why Shift to Marketing Managed?

Marketing Managed improves marketing by:
  • Making life simpler for business owners. We manage your marketing with a proactive approach that simplifies your life.
  • Leveraging human capital for far less investment. Companies can get the skill of a dozen professionals for half of the price.
  • Providing an undiluted outside perspective on your business. This serves as an invaluable asset to nearly any business.
  • Focusing on metrics and what is proven to produce results in today’s business environment.
  • A comprehensive approach. It starts with strategy and works its way through the software that keeps track of everything.

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